What is Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom of Your Dreams

I am a lot different from most guys you talk to I am sure. I am very neat and clean. My house is never a mess at all. I love keeping everything nice and organized. I even have had friends tell me there are no signs of living when they come over. I take that as a compliment. Yes, I am a neat freak and I can admit that willingly. Hey, I could have worse problems right? I take that as a good quality about me. The house I live in now I absolutely love. My favorite part of the house is the master bathroom. I got it all redone shortly after I bought the house.

Plumbing Done Right

I always try and do all the work I can around my house myself. The main reason I like to try and save money whenever I can. I would say that I am pretty handy but when it came time for my bathroom I had to call a plumber for help. I had no idea how to install my sink, toilet, and urinal. They were all new projects for me. I called the best plumber in my local area. He was really nice and even taught me a couple of tricks.


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