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Trust in the People you Hire

Owning your  house is a full-time job. Because when something goes wrong the only person who can get it fixed is you. You become responsible for getting things fixed or jobs done around the house. I think that everyone always maintain their house the best as possible. You never know you may want to sell one day and a nice cleaner looking home will sell faster than one that was not taken care of. Like I have said before, I try my best to do the jobs around the house myself. I know not everyone has the money to hire people all the time. I also know that everyone is not a handyman. If that was the case there would not be plumbing companies or roofing companies.

Throughout the years I have used many different companies to do work around my house. Some experiences were good and some were not that good. I was lucky and found a good real estate agent to help me find a house. I have also found the best plumber in my area who takes care of all my plumbing needs. I always suggest people should read reviews of the business you are about to hire. I always go to yelp to get my information or Facebook.

Home Hunting Gone Right

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

The house that I live in now is my dream home. Buying a home can be very stressful and unpleasant. So that is why I did my best to find the right home the first time I was in the market to buy. I know a lot of people who buy and resell homes every few years. I do not know about you but I do not like backing up and moving a lot. I get fed up just unpacking from a vacation! I could only imagine moving every few years looking for that right home.

I took some really good advice from my friend Adam. He told me that he wasted a lot of his time looking on his own. He said he should have found a real estate agent right when he was looking for a house to buy. Even finding an agent can be tricky, though. There are good and bad ones. He said he found the best real estate agent around. He said that he was amazing and made the process so easy on him. So I took his advice and found a real estate company that I could depend on.


What is Your Dream Bathroom

Bathroom of Your Dreams

I am a lot different from most guys you talk to I am sure. I am very neat and clean. My house is never a mess at all. I love keeping everything nice and organized. I even have had friends tell me there are no signs of living when they come over. I take that as a compliment. Yes, I am a neat freak and I can admit that willingly. Hey, I could have worse problems right? I take that as a good quality about me. The house I live in now I absolutely love. My favorite part of the house is the master bathroom. I got it all redone shortly after I bought the house.

Plumbing Done Right

I always try and do all the work I can around my house myself. The main reason I like to try and save money whenever I can. I would say that I am pretty handy but when it came time for my bathroom I had to call a plumber for help. I had no idea how to install my sink, toilet, and urinal. They were all new projects for me. I called the best plumber in my local area. He was really nice and even taught me a couple of tricks.


How is you Roof doing these Days?


I have been very lucky in my lifetime when it has come to not having any major housing trouble. I believe that is because I try my very best to upkeep my house. I spent a lot of money in buying my home so I want to make sure that it will last for the time that I am living there. It surprises me that so many people will neglect their home and just let things go. I just think so many people are lazy these days. Just go out and spend a Saturday a month and maintain things around the house as needed.

The only major problem that I ever have had with my house has been my roof once. We had a really bad storm in the middle of the night and it woke me up. I was thirsty so I got up and went to the kitchen to get some water. One wall in the kitchen looked like a water fountain. I was up the rest of the night with towels. That morning I was on the phone looking for some roofers in my area. I was looking on yelp and of course Google. I was lucky and found a roofing company near by that great reviews. They did a great job on fixing my roof.